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Dealing with your employer's insurance company can be a hassle. Before you get frustrated, call us at 404-739-5000 for a FREE consultation! We will make sure you will receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.


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What Constitutes Worker's Compensation?

When you are injured at work or on a jobsite, you are entitled to worker's compensation benefits. It is a no fault system and you will be covered for all injuries regardless of whose fault it is. Benefits include total and partial disability, medical benefits and rehabilitation services.

Worker's Compensation Injuries Include:

  • Inhalations and burns

  • Work related vehicle accidents

  • Falls and injuries

  • Industrial accidents

We Will Help Get Your Benefits Started

Let us deal with your employer's insurance company. They only care about profits and rarely have your best interests in mind. We will fight to get you the care and benefits you need.

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Don't Cuss, Call Us!